All of use are passionate about WhatsApp and uses it most of the time to chat with our friends and share our personal and public informations with our loved ones and want to check who viewed my whatsapp profile.

But do we really know which of our friends cares more for us because it may happen that those friends whom you care or like more doesn’t give you preference from their bottom of heart in their real life.

They may behave more friendly and lovable at the time of meeting with you.

So to avoid this confusion I have a way through which you can check who viewed my whatsapp profile without letting him know it.

There is a good probability that the one watches your profile cares and wants to interact with you more but that’s also not always the case.

I mean to say that it may happen that this method of preferring anyone’s love to you can can go wrong as it’ doesn’t give always 100% surity that the particular person doesn’t love you.

But as their is more probability of it’s accuracy we prefer it.

Now for checking profile visitors there are already tons of popular applications already published on playstore but there are many disadvantages of using any external applications for finding it.

Because it doesn’t even give 10% accurate results ,what they do is show few random results of your contacts as your WhatsApp profile viewers.

The other thing is that it also doesn’t show live preview of users who visited your WhatsApp profile.

So we can’t rely on any external applications to resolve this issue because none other than WhatsApp itself can show accurate WhatsApp visitors with live preview.

So let me tell you the easiest,accurate,safest way to see who viewed my whatsapp profile

For using this way all you need to do is open your WhatsApp and click on status.


Now create a new status by typing anything or adding any kind of images and ensure that you publish it.


Just after publishing you will see a eye icon below the pic or status you published and you need to click on it.

Just after clicking you will see the list of users visited your WhatsApp profile with date and time mentioned there so you can know how fast users visited you.

who viewed my whatsapp profile


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