Whatsapp has became our first entertainment source and we keep creating our new WhatsApp status and watch others to see what’s happening with our loved ones.

But do you know that you can do much more with your status and others status to get more fun and entertainment.

WhatsApp status

So start being excited because in this post I am going to provide all the helpful features of WhatsApp status you can use to have a great fun experience.

WhatsApp status tips and tricks

1)Long press WhatsApp status to pause it

On the status option in WhatsApp we are able to see ours as well as others latest WhatsApp status which can be either some pic or text.

But when we click on a WhatsApp status then after just few seconds it moves to show other status and many times we are unable to watch everything mentioned on that status.

So for getting enough time to watch status for as much time we want we need to tap and hold until we want that status to show.

Zoom in and out WhatsApp status

You can simply use any of your two fingers(mostly thumb and forefinger) to zoom in and out any status but you need to keep in mind that until you keep holding through two fingers your status will get zoomed and when you leave it your status will automatically get zoomed out to its original size.

Quickly watch multiple WhatsApp status by tap

For moving from one status to other no need to wait couple of seconds you can just move to the next status by single tap every time you want to move.

We can also have multiple status between our main status and for that also you can tap once to move instantly to next one.

Watch previous WhatsApp status by swiping

We have seen how instantly we can move to next status but what if we want to move to previous status.

Normally we need to close that status and again open it but that consumes more time so the shortcut method for moving back or forward is by swiping right and left.

But what if we have to move to previous status in the main status(status  which have multiple status in them)

You can see the small multiple rectangle at the top of the status.

The number of small rectangles represent the number of multiple status in the main status.

So for moving to any status in main status All you need to do is click on the small rectangles which represents that status and you are done.

Mute WhatsApp status

WhatsApp gives an option for you to choose whose status you don’t want to watch by muting them.

For muting anyone’s profile status you can select that profile status in the status option and it will ask you to mute by showing a popup box.

Just click on mute

WhatsApp status Emoji color

You maybe using emojis(instant picture reactions) to reply your friends and by default it’s Colors is set to as of our skin colour.but for excite others and entertain more you can change its colour.

Let me tell you that this feature is exclusive only on WhatsApp and not on any other social media sites.

To change emojis color you need to click on emojis an then you will see platelets icon which has collection of Colors.

Just choose and color and clon on ok to implement it.

Share WhatsApp status private

WhatsApp also gives an option to share your status to some of your special contacts or privately too.

All you need to do for that is click on status privacy after going to status option by clickin andg on three dots icon on the top right side and select to whom your status should be shown.

You can see three options their which is your contacts excluding some contacts,few selected contacts or all contacts.

You can choose anyone of them according to your need.

WhatsApp status reply

Whenever you see any status posted from your friends you can even reply to that status by clickin on the reply section below the status through either text,images or even videos.

Blank WhatsApp status trick

Do you want to post blank status and amaze  I your friends then you can do it.

But for that you need to copy these two symbols ⇨ ຸ and post on the whatsapp status area.

But before posting it delete the first arrow symbol and then post it by clicking ok.

And you will see the magic that your status gone blank.

Note that don’t copy only second symbol and directly click ok otherwise it will not work.

Watch WhatsApp status anonymously

Whenever you see someone’s status then automatically these information show up on the status uploader status  that you have watched their profile status so if you don’t want them to know it by watching it anonymously follow below steps.

As you know that all of the file and info of the apps are stored in your file explorer app from where you can check everything but in almost all file explorer edition many things are automatically hidden so that normal user cant display it.

So for unhiding those file you need to install es file explorer from Google play store.

And then search for WhatsApp and click on status option under it where you will find all the latest status of your contacts easily without letting your contacts know that you have viewed their status.

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