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Who am I?

Ankit tricker

I am a simple boy who believes no one is small or big from me and follow inequality.

I am an original creative and unique guy whose name is Ankit tricker who solves his every problem with the help of internet whose source of power is confidence,belief,focus and never give up attitude.

I am a multi talented guy who has talent in each and every field like singing,acting,gaming,programming and so on but only talent is not important,the importance here is how much experience I do have in all of the fields.

Truly speaking I have not much experience in other fields like singing dancing except digital marketing,graphic designing and programming and technology

What do I know

In internet there are mainly 3 things after knowing which anyone can use internet to solve any kind of problem and create anything for their pleasure and benefits.

The three things is
1) Digital marketing
2) Graphic Designing
3) Programming and technology

I do have sufficient knowledge about all these 3 things through which I can control internet to do whatever I want.

It’s may be possible that I don’t have the all informations always stuck in my mind but as I have full control on internet it’s just a couple of minutes for me to get any information.

What you will get here

The main motive of this blog is to make any beginner user a pro advanced user step by step who can do anything with the help of internet like me(tricker).

The most common topics where most of the people struggles are

How to make money online
How to create website
How to rank website on search engines
What is SEO
How to get traffic or views
How to grow social media profiles
How to use computer or smartphones
How to design or draw anything
How to create and animate videos
How to hack or crack anything
How to program or do coding
What is meditation and it’s benefits
How to become powerful
How to live happy life

All these types of questions and problems underneath or related to it will be solved by me on this blog step by step.

Believe me internet can solve your each and every problem without ever asking anything in favour.

In this blog me the tricker will follow some rules in order to provide an easy accurate and most helpful experience to the viewers of this blog.

1) I will always try to explain in the easiest language by using only most common words so that any normal user understand properly the hidden knowledge behind my articles.

2)I will write blogpost in simple styling and upload images wherever possible for better understanding.

3)In each and every paragraph I will provide links so that if any basic user is not familiar of the things described there can go through the link provided to destination source to understand about that first.

4)I will always provide everything for free and never suggest to pay anywhere to use internet products.

5)I am a straightforward guy so I will always provide exact most helpful information without explaining some unnecessary explanations which many article writers does to make articles long.

6)I will not say anything or ask to follow anything without giving proper logic behind it.

7)I will only tell you about those things in which I have proper complete knowledge because knowing incomplete or false  things are waste.

8)At the end of every blogpost I will provide a special pro life living tip to make anything easier and successful to live happy life.



At last I want my viewers to follow some rules for fast and better experience of learning


1)have patience

2)be creative,original and regular

3)I would want my viewers to have confidence,belief,focus and never give up attitude in themselves.

3) understand what viewers can do

4)viewers can share articles to their friends by clicking on the social media icons at the end of blogpost.

Also after reading if viewers have any doubt or want to ask any question can comment on on the comment box just after the end of blogposts.

At last there will be a subscribe box in each and every page where you can subscribe to our blog to become our permanent user.

The benefits of subscribing to our blog is that we will analyze you by asking some questions about yourself while subscribing and provide only step by step lessons directly in your email which you want.

Because this blog will have different types of content placed at different places where it will be very difficult for you to always find what you want.

Also you will not ever miss latest contents if you subscribe.

How will I start?

I will start with the digital marketing in my blog because it’s the most hottest topic on internet which should be clarified first but before starting digital marketing I will explain about all the necessary things you need to have and what are the normal most done mistakes which new internet user does which you should not do to save your time.

After that I will explain all about technology or how to use most used devices like computer,smartphones professionally to overcome any kind of mistakes or problems anywhere.

While explaining about digital marketing whose main motive is to grow any business or make self presence on internet mainly through website or blog,video platform like YouTube and social media profiles or accounts I will take new site,YouTube channel and social media profiles and grow them through the same strategies which I will reveal to you to show you as an example that it really works.

Till one year whoever reads my all blogposts I can guarantee that he will have the same growth as my new site,YouTube channel and social media profiles does or even more than that because I run some other sites and social media accounts and give more more time in learning more and more.

But as you would start with single site,YouTube channel and social media profiles you can give more time their and can grow them more than mine.

After completing digital marketing I will explain about graphic designing through which you can design,create,animate anything.

You can draw cartoon,design banners,cards,logo and create animation videos,gif very easily after learning all about graphic designing.

After that I will explain everything about programming through which you can use your computer to create any kind of software,apps,games,servers,database,websites and hack or crack anything easily.

Why I love internet and you would be loving it too


When I was a very small boy I used to ask questions from others but they always makes fun of me that you doesn’t know even these things.

But it’s normal in starting the on who has desire to learn asks silly questions only.

If I asks to the teachers then after answering some questions they also started scolding and feels us fool.

And that’s where Google(our super advisor) comes and answers our each and every questions without scolding or making fun of us.

Now through Google only I learned everything which others asks from me but like Google only I never scold or make fun of there silly question while answering because I understand it’s normal


There are many other entertainment sources but the problem is in streets for playing any outdoor games we need friends also to play but problem here is not always they are free.

Most children’s get scared from their parents for not to play and many other problems comes too.

Here also the thing which helped me is internet.

I can play any type of interesting games,watch movies,videos and do a tons of interesting things sitting at home only.

Self dependent

I never wished to do a job for anyone because I loves my time and don’t want to give it to some other companies that don’t have anytime left for me.

So here also internet helped me to become self independent by earning money and working whenever I want.

Because I am not that type of guy who can always go by the rules to wake up and work at a specific time only.


Everything you need to do wants your time as well as money but the internet only is available for free and never asks anything from us.







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Ankit Tricker

Ankit Tricker is a free guy who never believes following unnecessary rules. He learned everything from google and never done any course and that's why he became one of the finest blogger,graphic designer and programmer Belief,confidence,Never give up and Internet is his source of energy

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