We all live in the world of internet which is mainly used through computers and smartphones to help us in any kind of situation but it’s a bit difficult for anyone to choose which device is best.so in this blog post I will clarify how to buy best laptop or smartphones by getting the proper understanding of the key factors in deciding about device quality


How to buy best laptop

So let’s start

How to buy best laptop/smartphone display

Display means the screen and the other visible parts of your device.

There are many types of screens are available and each types has its own special benefits about which you can learn here.

Mainly there are four types of screens available for best display.


LCD stands for liquid crystal and it was designed to give thin small look to screens rather than fat ugly monitors.

They use liquid crystals between two layers to provide images or videos on it’s screen and that’s why it’s inexpensive.


LED which stands for light emitting diode uses the same technology of LCD but with the help of semiconductors and p-n junctions for making light emitting diode which is able to provide viewing experience from any angle and emits a light whenever used as a signal which is not possible in LCD


OLED uses cathode and anode and provide voltage to the cells to emit light and provide visible images or videos on the screen with the help of electricity.

Simply OLED is better than LED which is better than LCD regarding viewing experience,cost,power consumption etc.


Anything which you see on screen is made up of more than millions of pixels.pixels are nothing but a unit of any image which changes it’s colour according to the image.

The screen resolution tells how much pixels your Image can use at maximum horizontally and vertically to give a sharper better look in the form of 1280*720 where 1280 is horizontal pixels and 720 is vertical number of pixels.

According to the number of pixels there are different types of screen quality expressed.






These are the types of quality improvement in which only resolutions are increased to give awesome watching experience.

Resolution of 4K>2K>ULTRA HD>FULL HD>HD.

how to buy best laptop/smartphone Graphics

A graphic card is another type of CPU known as GPU which is used especially to do graphics related calculations as our CPU is busy on overcoming main computer tasks and it’s difficult for it to render heavy graphic related games and video editing softwares at the same time.

Graphic memory type

The memory type of a graphic card is the type of RAM it uses for fast and low memory consumption.

The best graphic memory type is GDDR5 which was upgraded from earlier version DDR3.

Normal computers use DDR3 which is responsible for more memory consumption.

Graphic memory capacity

The GPU needs memory to perform heavy actions like rendering video files, running games and other graphic related works .

The more memory GPU has the more better it will work.

Mostly on laptops 2gb to 4 gb memory exists which is enough to handle any graphic related works without lag.

Graphic processor

There are two types of graphic processor which is AMD and NVIDIA.

There is no doubt that NVIDIA processors are more popular and efficient than AMD but approximately same.

You have to watch out for the latest versions in laptop of these GPU rather than it’s brand name.

You can search on google for the latest versions of graphic card because it  keeps changing.

How to buy best laptop/smartphone Processor

The processor also know as CPU which is responsible for the proper functioning of all software and hardware of your computer.
A processor performs all the tasks executed by the operating system to operate by taking an input and providing the output by doing heavy calculations.


The most famous and used processors are Intel and AMD.
Here also Intel is most famous than AMD and works more efficiently than AMD but AMD is not too far from the competition as it’s processors are also very fast in less price than Intel.
But I will still recommend using Intel Processors only and forget AMD due to various reasons.


There are three versions or cores in Intel to provide fast processor experience where i3<i5<i7

In AMD there are many versions from A4 to A12.the greater the number the best the processor is.


Regularly engineers are working on to decrease the size of processors by folding more and more to increase the speed of the processors.

That’s what the generation Indicates on processors.
Started with 1st generation nowadays processors has jumped to 8th generation which indicates fast processor speed in less size.

Whenever the processor speed of previous processor versions are increased 2 to 4 times then new generation creates.

Clock speed

Clock speed is the rate at which a processor executes any task which is expressed in hert, mhz(mega Hertz) and ghz(giga Hertz).
Any task or work needs some revolutions of clock ticks(one time circuit on and off) depending on the type of task.
Some heavy tasks like gaming require more clock ticks revolutions than some normal tasks like web surfing.

1 revolution per minute is Hertz

In 1 mhz there is 1 million Hertz or 1 million revolutions per minute.
In 1 GHz there’s is 1 billion Hertz or 1 billion revolutions per minute.

So the processor which have the most potential of revolution can complete any task more fastly and efficiently.

Many laptops use turbo boost which is nothing but just a boost in processor speed from the exact speed.

For Example– Suppose a laptops processor revolutions potential is 2 GHz so according to that speed it completes any task but whenever it’s needed to run high end graphical tasks above this processing limit a turbo boost increases the number of revolution it can take to execute that task automatically depending on the limit to turbo boost which is different on different laptops like 3.5 GHz to 4 GHz.


Processor variant is the version of CPU which keeps changing for modifying the same CPU to extra level.
You can check on Google for the latest version.


Cache memory is different memory than main memory in CPU whose work is to collect most frequent task info to reduce the time and cost.
Because if processor keeps on inventing the same data every time from the vast main memory then it will reduce the speed of processor.

The more cache processor have will be better but 4 to 8 mb cache is enough till now.

How to buy best laptop/smartphone HDD/SSD

Hard disk drive is the fixed data storage device which uses magnets to store and present digital informations using one or more rigid rapid rotating disks coated with magnetic material.


The more revolutions the disk takes with a minute enables the hard disk drive to serve up data more fastly.

5400 rpm(revolutions per minute) to 7200 rpm is best in the laptops but the more value it has will be more fast.

This ensures to store any kind of digital informations like images,videos,files etc

You may have seen that in Hard disk drive the storage keeps on decreasing little bit without even storing extra files.
And that’s why we need SSD(solid state drive).

SSD not only does than but helps in low power consumption,fast speed and more battery using integrated circuits rather than magnets and disks like hard disk drive.

But SSD is not cheap like HDD so it’s better to use HDD instead because 1TB HDD Price is similar to 128 GB SSD

Cd/DVD disk drive

There are two types of disks available on market both has its own benefits but here you need to just see that your laptop device should support both disk drive types.

How to by best laptope/smartphone RAM

RAM(Random access memory) is a form of computer data storage that stores data and machine code while being currently used and thats why it’s said to have more RAM memory to tackle multitasking and high end tasks.

Simply the more RAM your device will have it’s better.


There are mainly three types of RAM

Although it doesn’t matter much that which type of RAM,you should prefer on how much RAM you got.

But still RDRAM is the advanced RAM type than DDR which is most used in laptops and are more advance than SDRAM

In every type the versions keeps on increasing like now DDR5 in DDR type is latest so you need to search on Google for that whenever you want to buy laptops.


RAM frequency is again the revolutions of clock cycle for switching circuit(on/off).Per switching is 1 Hertz which is rate of processed instructions per minute.
The more clock cycle happens per minute the best RAM can help to perform tasks which is expressed in mhz.

How to buy best laptop/smartphone Operating system

Normal device users doesn’t know the language of computers whether it’s binary or programming language.

That’s why we need operating system which helps any simple user to use any kind of computer softwares and hardware in the basic English language.
Through English language you can operate and control computers to do whatever you want by providing instructions.

There are two types of operating system which is 32 bit and 64 bit which is nothing but just the amount of information or instructions an operating system can take at a time.

Earlier 32 bit was enough but nowadays many work needs 64 bit storage.

How to buy best laptop/smartphone Battery

In short There are 3 thing you need to see whenever you want to buy laptops battery.


Lion is the best and most used battery brand maker

Max power supply

The more power in watt any laptops battery displays the best it is.

Number of cells

The more number of powerful cells a battery have is best


Port or slots are used to connect your computer device with some other external devices like speakers,headphones,hard disk etc.

There are many types of ports but the most used one is HDMI and 3.5 mm jack so you make sure you laptop has atleast any one of them.


WiFi and Bluetooth are the two source of connectivity for any device and through them we can connect different devices to share their files.

No rocket science here you only need to make sure you have it’s latest versions by searching on Google which has some extra benefits than the previous version and almost all are the same.

Audio,dimensions and some additional features

Audio and dimensions are very basic things which any normal user chooses according to his taste so I will not mess in that.

Now there maybe some extra features on your laptops which will be a bonus for you but the most important things any laptop device should have is already discussed.

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